Auto Accidents

If you suffer from injuries caused by another’s negligence, we will protect your rights and get fair and fast compensation. Since 2000, the CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES has been dedicated to helping clients recover the compensation they deserve for injuries due to car accidents, medical malpractice, serious personal injury, and other injuries.  []

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice cases require careful analysis and knowledge of medical and legal issues. It also requires knowing how to hire the best expert witnesses. The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES has the experience and knowledge to represent you and your loved ones if you are victims of medical malpractice. The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES has dealt with many expert witnesses for medical malpractice cases. We know who the best experts are and how to find them. We also know how to analyze your case and advise you how to proceed. Please feel free to call us for a free case consultation.   []

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Slip and Fall

If you slipped or tripped and sustained injuries because the surface you walked on was uneven, slippery, or otherwise hazardous, the land owner or business proprietor may be liable for your injuries.  An injury due to what is commonly referred to as a “slip and fall” is sustained when a person slips, stumbles, falls, or otherwise hurts oneself due to unsafe conditions on property other than your own.    []

Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents are tragic events which can cause death and grievous bodily injury. Any passenger who is injured or suffers death in an airplane accident and their heirs, spouse, and close family members are  entitled to bring a lawsuit, as long as someone is at fault for the injury. Aviation accidents include injuries suffered in rough landings, damaged houses and buildings and even people who are injured by falling debris from airplanes (large and small). Aviation accidents require an in-depth understanding of applicable law, and, in particular, an understanding of the WARSAW Convention, which governs many aviation accidents. The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICE has the knowledge and experience to obtain compensation for victims of airplane accidents.  []

Dog Attacks

Injuries from dog attacks are a growing problem in Massachusetts and throughout the United States. As the popularity of ownership of dangerous breeds of dogs such as pit bulls have increased so have serious injuries and even fatalities from dog bites and maulings. “We have to send a message to the community, to other dog owners and to government officials, that this kind of attack on citizens is not acceptable,” Attorney David Crossley says. Resolving these cases is not just about winning compensation for the victims of these vicious attacks, it’s also about freeing the community and neighborhood from dangerous dogs. []