Dog Attacks

Injuries from dog attacks are a growing problem in Massachusetts and throughout the United States. As the popularity of ownership of dangerous breeds of dogs such as pit bulls have increased so have serious injuries and even fatalities from dog bites and maulings.

“We have to send a message to the community, to other dog owners and to government officials, that this kind of attack on citizens is not acceptable,” Attorney David Crossley says. Resolving these cases is not just about winning compensation for the victims of these vicious attacks, it’s also about freeing the community and neighborhood from dangerous dogs.

The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICE has the knowledge and experience to handle cases involving injuries resulting from animal attacks. If you or a loved one have a case involving animal attacks, contact us on-line or call (508) 655-6085.

Here are some important points about the legal aspects of owning a dog. The owner of a dog is strictly liable for the damage arising from the animal’s trespass onto someone else’s land. There is a duty for an owner to keep his animals from intruding onto another’s property, and he is responsible for the damage they cause there. The owner of an animal which is known to be dangerous is strictly liable for the injuries which the animal causes. The possessor of a wild animal is strictly liable for harm arising from the dangerous propensities characteristic of wild animals of its class, whether or not the owner believes the animal is safe or free from those propensities.

The most persuasive case against a dog owner is made by establishing a history of the dog’s prior attacks or other injurious behavior which should cause that owner to know that the dog is likely to engage in such behavior again.

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Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents are tragic events which can cause death and grievous bodily injury. Any passenger who is injured or suffers death in an airplane accident and their heirs, spouse, and close family members are  entitled to bring a lawsuit, as long as someone is at fault for the injury. Aviation accidents include injuries suffered in rough landings, damaged houses and buildings and even people who are injured by falling debris from airplanes (large and small).

Aviation accidents require an in-depth understanding of applicable law, and, in particular, an understanding of the WARSAW Convention, which governs many aviation accidents. The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICE has the knowledge and experience to obtain compensation for victims of airplane accidents.

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Slip and Fall

If you slipped or tripped and sustained injuries because the surface you walked on was uneven, slippery, or otherwise hazardous, the land owner or business proprietor may be liable for your injuries.  An injury due to what is commonly referred to as a “slip and fall” is sustained when a person slips, stumbles, falls, or otherwise hurts oneself due to unsafe conditions on property other than your own.

This type of injury is also known as a “trip and fall.” It includes falls as a result of  puddles or even smaller amounts of ice, snow, water, food, soap, or any slippery substance, as well as flooring with gaps or raised edges, dimly-lit areas, uneven ground where proper foot placement is hard to determine, or some other hidden hazard.  A manhole cover not secured in the proper position or uneven sidewalk due to tree roots under the sidewalk can result in a “slip and fall” or a “trip and fall” accident.

When a “slip and fall” injury occurs it is important to investigate the scene of the accident right away, before changes are made, and to take photographs. Often a safety engineer needs to be hired to analyze the dangerous condition. The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICE has handled these cases and has the knowledge and expertise to perform timely investigations, hire expert witnesses and work hard to win fair and just compensation for victims of “slip and fall” accidents.

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Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice cases require careful analysis and knowledge of medical and legal issues. It also requires knowing how to hire the best expert witnesses. The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES has the experience and knowledge to represent you and your loved ones if you are victims of medical malpractice.

The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES has dealt with many expert witnesses for medical malpractice cases. We know who the best experts are and how to find them. We also know how to analyze your case and advise you how to proceed. Please feel free to call us for a free case consultation.

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Auto Accidents

If you suffer from injuries caused by another’s negligence, we will protect your rights and get fair and fast compensation. Since 2000, the CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES has been dedicated to helping clients recover the compensation they deserve for injuries due to car accidents, medical malpractice, serious personal injury, and other injuries.

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At the CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES we vigorously protect our client’s rights and we understand the financial and emotional hardships facing families affected by wrongful death, personal injury, and disability.  If you have been injured due to another’s negligence, contact the CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES for a free consultation.  CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES, Massachusetts’ Personal Injury law firm, will provide the personal attention and aggressive representation that you deserve.

The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES has a strong track record gaining compensation for victims of serious personal injuries. A personal injury is an injury to an individual’s body, mind, or emotions. If a person, business or governmental entity’s negligence (i.e. careless conduct) is the cause of the injury then the CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES can win compensation for injured victims.

Serious personal injuries can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, aviation accidents,dog bites, work place accidents, and slip and fall accidents. Personal injury includes not only physical injury but emotional and psychological harm also. The more serious an injury and the greater impact that the injury has on a person’s life the higher the compensation will be.

Compensation can include loss of wages and the cost of past and future medical bills, which is called special damages, and pain and suffering which is called general damages. If the conduct of the negligent party is bad enough damages can also include punitive damages which are meant to punish the wrongdoer. For example a driver who habitually drives while under the influence of alcohol can be forced to pay punitive damages. A spouse and children can also recover damages if the primary income earner of the family is injured and can no longer support his or her spouse and children. Also, a loved one who witnesses a bad accident or its consequences can win compensation for going through the emotional trauma of witnessing a loved one suffering from injuries.

Negligence or carelessness can include not only careless actions but also violation of laws and regulations. For example if an owner of a store violates the building code by having stairs that are too steep and a customer falls on the stairs and suffers a serious injury the store owner can be found responsible for the injuries and losses of the victim of the fall.

The CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES has handled numerous serious personal injury cases and will work hard to research the law and regulations and find the witnesses and evidence that can help a victim of a serious injury win excellent compensation for their injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered a serious personal injury, contact the CROSSLEY LAW OFFICES online or call (508) 655-6085 today.